Bright Vision Entertainment Company Profile

Bright Vision Entertainment prides itself on its clear and transparent collaborations with each of its business partners, and offers a ‘bright vision’ of entertainment products and marketing strategies. We want to build on our success as a team, establishing an open and lasting partnership.

Bright Vision Entertainment focuses on sales, distribution and marketing in both the traditional and non-traditional channels. The business-to-business market is also an important part of our operation. With its broad range of DVDs, CDs, books, audio books, games and magazines, Bright Vision Entertainment covers all of the products offered via the media. We have taken part in various strategic enterprises and collaborations with prominent media groups, which together represent all multi-media product groups.

Bright Vision Entertainment was set up by a team of highly skilled professionals, each of them specialists in their own area with many years’ experience in the entertainment, book and media businesses. For additional expertise they can tap into national and international networks.